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As you know, this blog is dedicated to a father, grandfather and a true fighter. "GeezerJock" Bill Merriam is running a race against cancer and this is his story. Enjoy and make sure to leave your comments and well wishes. - Josh

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The Power of Authoring Our Own Life Story

The long and short of it, eight weeks out from surgery and we



In the rehab process, but not up to running

It has been two full weeks at home and three weeks since the surgery. Everything is looking good with only a bile tube and one



Update – Friday

Hello everyone. I wanted to give you all a quick update on Dad today as I will be flying home today back to Atlanta. Dad is doing really well. He is wide awake today and looking very fresh considering what he went through just 48 hours ago. His functions are all good and is actually […]


Waking Up

Dad is waking up after a successful surgery. The surgeon is pleased with the result and said it was a “best case scenario”. We know he’s going to be pleased with the results. They have removed the bile duct and performed some other “plumbing” work to reroute some vital parts. Thanks everyone for the prayers […]


Surgery Day

It’s a chilly day here in Baltimore this morning at Johns Hopkins. Bill has started his surgery and the first report was that he was doing great. He was in great spirits this morning, joking with the doctors and nurses as usual and smiling as we were debriefed in pre-op. The surgeon here is extremely […]


48-Hours, Clear Liquid Diet, Family Arriving, and Lots of Snow



Heading Through Mile 20 With a 10K Remaining to Run

Those who run long distance understand and appreciate the satisfaction of challenging one


Standing on the Edge of the Dark Lake, Making Choices, and the Current

When We Consciously Choose to be in Learning and Development and When Life Chooses it for Us



Honoring and Appreciating Goals and Milestones: Past, Current, and Future

Thirteen years ago, in 1996, I turned 50. It was a cathartic time in my life. I realized how fast twenty years had flown by as measured by how quickly our four children had grown up. My mind went to


Past Relationships, More Life Story, Bonking & Back Again

July 16, 2009 The past week has brought more incredible openings and re-openings of relationships from a former era of my life. Forgive me for being a bit self-indulgent here, but I realized this week that some folks aren

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